Reporting anti-social behaviour

False reports and malice

Any report of anti-social behaviour will only be regarded as a genuine complaint if the complaint is not malicious or motivated by the complainant’s prejudice towards the alleged perpetrators because of their age, gender, religion, race, colour, appearance, disability, sexual orientation, and cultural background.

Are you worried about reporting anti-social behaviour?

Some residents may feel uneasy in reporting incidents of anti-social behaviour to the Council. They often fear that things may get worse if the perpetrator finds out that they have made a report. We understand these problems and will not take any action or speak to anyone else about the problem without agreeing this with you first. All reports made to the Council are treated in the strictest confidence. For further information please see our Anti-Social Behaviour Policy for Council housing.

How can I report an incident of anti-social behaviour?

When reporting incidents of anti-social behaviour it is important to provide accurate and substantial information.

Incidents can be reported by:

It will help us to deal with your enquiry more swiftly if you can supply the following information:

  • Date of incident
  • Time of incident
  • Name of perpetrator(s) (if known)
  • The impact of the anti-social behaviour on you/your family

Incident diaries [pdf] 79KB

With cases of ongoing anti-social behaviour we encourage victims to complete and maintain an incident diary. This enables us to gather a clear body of evidence against perpetrators which is essential for any legal action which may be considered.

Without a clear statement of when incidents have happened and the acts committed it is very difficult for the Council to take any action.

You can request an incident diary by completing an online Report Anti Social Behaviour form (please use the link that appears earlier in this page).

After an incident has been reported what action will the Council take?

Reports of anti-social behaviour relating to the Council’s housing stock and its tenants will be fully investigated by our Housing Management Officer.

Our Housing Management Officer will either write to the alleged perpetrators of the anti-social behaviour or visit them at their home in order to discuss the situation. The initial focus will be on trying to resolve problems before legal action is taken.

However the Council takes a firm line on anti-social behaviour and will as far as possible take action against perpetrators of anti-social behaviour rather than transfer tenant(s) affected by anti-social behaviour to alternative accommodation. Please see the sections below for further details of the types of action that the Council is able to take in appropriate circumstances.

What action is the Council taking on ASB?

The Council takes action on anti-social behaviour using either a prevention or an enforcement approach.

For further information on these approaches please click on the links to the right.