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Garden Waste - Home composting

Recycle your Garden Waste in many ways:

Garden Waste is collected weekly all year around - Click item for more information

Brown wheeled bin Garden waste sack Bundled waste  Bulky waste collection Compost bin
Wheeled bin Sacks Bundled items Bulky Waste collections Home Composting
Compost at Home

Compost at Home

Compost at Home - It’s easy, good for your pocket & great for the environment

Y Make your own free compost which can be spread back on your garden, hanging basket or potted plants

Getting started is cheap, easy and quick

See our easy guide or watch Garden Organic's videos

Y Almost all garden waste can be composted. Some food waste can be composted too!
Y Making leaf mould from fallen leaves in Autumn is one of the easiest ways to get started
Y Home composting helps to reduce your carbon footprint

Buy a subsidised compost bin:

Buy a compost bin
Buy a compost bin


How to home compost - watch these handy videos



How to make leaf mould

Creating leafmould this autumn is one of the best ways to dispose of fallen leaves and make a great seedsowing compost at the same time.

Y Collect as many leaves as you can

Place the leaves in a bin liner, loosely tied and placed out of sight, pierce the bin liner with small holes

Y Wet the leaves to start the mould process
Y Put the bin liners behind a shed out out the way
Y After two years you can use the leafmould