The Civic Insignia

In 1992, when the Royal Assent was given for Castle Point to become a Borough, it became necessary to commission several items that would reflect our new status.

The Mace was designed by Christopher Lawrence, a world renowned Goldsmith and Silversmith, who produced two designs for consideration.

A prominent local businessman paid for the purchase of the Mace and Robes and the necessary changes to the Badges of Office.

The Mayor’s Robe, with artificial fur trim, together with lace jabots (neck-cloths) and hats was purchased from Ede and Ravenscroft in London.

The original Benfleet Urban District Council Chain had already been enlarged and modified for use by the Chairman of Castle Point Borough Council. No further changes were necessary. However the Mayor’s Badge of Office was extensively remodelled to contain elements which reflected the Borough’s new status.

The Mayoress’ Chain and Badge has an interesting history. The Chain was used by the Chairman of the Canvey Island Urban District Council and was brought out of storage in 1992 by the then Mayor, Councillor Bill Dick.

The old central emblem showing the letters C.I.U.D.C. was replaced by an image of Hadleigh Castle.

The Badge, which had originally been worn by Benfleet District’s Chairman’s Lady, and had been crowned by the emblem of a Viking Ship, had already been remodelled for use by Castle Point’s Chairman’s Lady and now shows a Castle at the top and the Dutch Cottage in a lozenge on the shield.

It was decided to marry these two together and to give the Mayoress (or Mayor’s Escort) a formal Chain of Office.